Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spanish Verbs Ultimate Released

With Spanish Verbs Ultimate, learn 1001+ of the most common Spanish verbs w/english translations.

  •  Fully Conjugated Verbs
  • Search Verbs
  • Flashcard Mode
  • Speech Enabled w/Text-to-Speech (Android 1.6+ only)
  • Save to Favorites
  • Random Mode
  • Swipe for next Verb
  • Color coded verb forms

Perfect for Spanish learners and students of all levels. Optimized for speed and efficiency.

Advanced Lie Detector 2.1.7 Released

2.1.7 Hopefully fixes the long-standing LG Ally issues, as well as the recently introduced force-close problem with the Droid Incredible and Samsung Moment.  I've also added the stress quantification graph that I've been working on.  Please stay tuned for BIG changes in the next major release.  I am implementing methods of significantly boosting the accuracy rates.