Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adv. Lie Detector - Problems on the EVO

I've noticed several comments in the Market have indicated that Advanced Lie Detector does not work on the EVO.

I'd really like to fix this, but I don't have an EVO.  If someone with an EVO could get in touch with me and help me test some fixes, I'd appreciate it.

Also, if anyone with an EVO can answer the following questions:

When you launch the application and hit the Record button, can you
tell me what happens?  (ie. crash, etc)

If the application does not crash, can you then answer the following questions:

1. Do you see a Dialog Box with a Microphone in it?

2. If you do, when there is absolutely no background noise, is the
microphone completely black or is there some green at the bottom?

3. When you speak, do you see the microphone become colored (green if
you are soft, yellow for a bit louder, and red if you are really

4. If you leave the microphone up for 20+ seconds, does it eventually go away?


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