Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to help debug problems..

Thank you for the e-mails reporting problems in my android apps! For the most part, they are very helpful and contribute to a better quality app for you, the user.

Some of you; however, have been sending emails or posting comments that do not contain enough information for me to do anything with.

To help me debug a problem you are having, please send the following:
  • What type of phone you are using (ie. Nexus One, Droid, Sprint Evo, etc) and the version of Android you are running (ie. 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, etc).
  • A Detailed description of what is not working and the steps to reproduce the problem.  A simple... "it crashes" is not very helpful.
  • A logcat would be most helpful.  It basically is a crash report from your phone.  The simplest way of getting me a crash report is to download aLogCat from the Market, and then reproduce the crash/error in my application and then open aLogCat and hit Menu->Send and send me your logcat report.

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  1. I have htc one v?i used s p-rog På legend this phone is brand new...not hacked I'der